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Character Rigging in Maya for Game Production
Build a Production-Ready Character Rig With Taylor Whitsett

Taylor Whitsett

5h 00m | 12 Chapters

Lighting & Look Dev Essentials Vol 2: Shading & Texturing
Create Realistic Shaders & Procedural Textures in Maya & Redshift With Adrien Vallecilla

Adrien Vallecilla

4h 41m | 7 Chapters

Optimization for Games: Settings, Materials, Textures & Commands
Unreal Engine & Maya Techniques With Rodrigo Brea

Rodrigo Brea

3h 27m | 9 Chapters

Getting Started With Look Development in Houdini
Texturing & Shading Using Maya, Substance, Houdini & Redshift With Brent Le Blanc

Brent Le Blanc

2h 20m | 6 Chapters

Rigging The Jaw With Python in Maya
How To Create a Rebuildable Jaw Rig & Zipper With Arturo Coso

Arturo Coso

4h 46m | 11 Chapters

Creating a Photorealistic 3D Prop for Production
Modeling & Shading Workflow for Maya, Mari & V-Ray With Babak Bina

Babak Bina

3h 06m | 6 Chapters

Lighting & Look Dev Essentials Vol. 1: Lighting Theory
Understanding CG Lighting in Maya, Redshift & Nuke With Adrien Vallecilla

Adrien Vallecilla

4h 00m | 7 Chapters

Maya Customization for Faster Animation
Tips, Tricks, Resources, and Scripts with Ari Flesch

Ari Flesch

2h 17m | 15 Chapters

Introduction to ZBrush 2021
The Ultimate Guide To ZBrush With Madeleine Scott-Spencer

Madeleine Scott-Spencer

51h 00m | 66 Chapters

Introduction to Creating Game-Ready Foliage
A Complete Pipeline With Peyton Varney

Peyton Varney

3h 07m | 5 Chapters

Creating a Stylized Groom in Maya & XGen
Tube Geometry Workflow with Bhavika Bajpai

Bhavika Bajpai

3h 22m | 12 Chapters

Creating a Combat Finishing Takedown
Games Workflow in Maya with Patrick Przybyla

Patrick Przybyla

3h 25m | 9 Chapters

Introduction to Substance Painter 2020
From Zero To Hero With Christophe Desse

Christophe Desse

3h 45m | 21 Chapters

3D Scan Integration Techniques
Maya, Mari, V-Ray & Nuke Workflow With Adrien Vallecilla

Adrien Vallecilla

5h 45m | 9 Chapters

Subtle Performance Workflow Vol. 2
Facial Anatomy and Animation with Ted Lister

Ted Lister

6h 10m | 10 Chapters

Creating a Fantasy Creature
3D Character Creation in ZBrush and Maya with Babak Bina

Babak Bina

4h 52m | 9 Chapters

Subtle Performance Workflow Vol. 1
Shot Planning and Body Animation with Ted Lister

Ted Lister

4h 42m | 11 Chapters

Facial Animation for Feature Animated Films
Animating Stylized Facial Expressions with Victor Navone

Victor Navone

3h 09m | 6 Chapters

Product Rendering with V-Ray
Lighting and Post-Production Techniques with Jesse Flores

Jesse Flores

4h 22m | 8 Chapters

Grooming in Yeti
Hair Solutions for an Animation Pipeline with Victor J Garza

Victor Javier Garza

2h 21m | 21 Chapters

Modeling and Rendering a Realistic Jumping Spider
with Eric Keller

Eric Keller

9h 01m | 25 Chapters

Exterior Scene Development
Maya, Arnold, Mari and Nuke Techniques with Adrien Vallecilla

Adrien Vallecilla

6h 10m | 13 Chapters

Creating a Stylized Female Character
The Making of Lyn-Z with Crystal Bretz

Crystal Bretz

6h 23m | 44 Chapters

Creating a Photoreal Interior
with Adrien Vallecilla

Adrien Vallecilla

6h 04m | 15 Chapters

NCloth for Production
Simulating a Warrior Monk’s Robe

Rohit Jain

5h 29m | 15 Chapters

Character Animation and Video Reference
Professional Workflow with Sarah Arduini

Sarah Arduini

3h 26m | 8 Chapters

Look Development and Lighting Techniques for Film
The Making of "The Ningyo" with Miguel Ortega

Miguel Ortega

3h 23m | 11 Chapters

Lighting the CG Portrait
Character Lighting in VRay Next with Chris Barischoff

Christopher Barischoff

3h 13m | 15 Chapters

3D and 2D Techniques for 360 degree Panoramic Illustration
Re-Creating Great Moments in History with Nick Hiatt

Nick Hiatt

3h 20m | 15 Chapters

Creating Volumetric Effects with Houdini
Clouds, Smoke, Haze and Fog with Robby Branham

Robby Branham

3h 09m | 13 Chapters

Creating Complex Designs and Patterns
Substance Designer and ZBrush Techniques with Nate Stephens

Nate Stephens

2h 03m | 10 Chapters

Introduction to Lighting for Animation
with Alexander Corll

Alexander Corll

1h 48m | 6 Chapters

From Previs to Final Animation
Composition, Lenses, Shot Design and Animation With Elaina Scott

Elaina Scott

3h 03m | 9 Chapters

SynthEyes Tracking for Production
Essential Tips, Tricks, and Theories

Kevin Bolivar

3h 53m | 14 Chapters

Realistic Dog Grooming for Production with Xgen
with Jordan Soler

Jordan Soler

3h 38m | 14 Chapters

Introduction to Houdini 17
with Robby Branham

Robby Branham

4h 40m | 25 Chapters

Creating 360° Concept Art for Production
with Nick Hiatt

Nick Hiatt

5h 20m | 12 Chapters

Vehicle Texturing in Substance Painter: From Clean to Mean
with James Schauf

James Schauf

9h 51m | 23 Chapters

Creating a Female Hairstyle for Production with Maya XGen
with Bruno Tornisielo

Bruno Tornisielo

3h 05m | 11 Chapters

Creating a Dynamic VFX Shot
An Artist’s guide to the vfx pipeline with Shahin Badiei

Shahin Badiei

2h 41m | 9 Chapters

VFX Animation for Television
with Elaina Scott

Elaina Scott

5h 21m | 10 Chapters

Dynamic Animal Sculpting
with Krystal Sae Eua

Krystal Sae Eua

4h 40m | 14 Chapters

Creating Assets for Games using Photogrammetry
with Guilherme Rambelli

Guilherme Rambelli

4h 31m | 15 Chapters

Introduction to Visual Effects for Games in Unreal
with Jeremy Griffith

Jeremy Griffith

9h 22m | 21 Chapters

3D Scan and Retopology for Production
Photogrammetry Workflow with Ara Kermanikian

Ara Kermanikian

8h 59m | 23 Chapters

Environment Creation for VR using Photogrammetry
with Guilherme Rambelli

Guilherme Rambelli

2h 50m | 15 Chapters

Introduction to the UV Toolkit in Autodesk Maya 2018
with Eric Keller

Eric Keller

6h 40m | 20 Chapters

Vehicle Modeling for Production
with James Schauf

James Schauf

8h 01m | 19 Chapters

Hyper-realistic Insect Design
with Eric Keller

Eric Keller

7h 33m | 21 Chapters

Visual Development for Environments
with Olivier Dubard

Olivier Dubard

7h 32m | 13 Chapters