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Building a Stylized Environment, Volume 1
Ideation to Creation: Blockmesh, Bridge, Castle with Martin Teichmann

Martin Teichmann

5h 04m | 16 Chapters

Mech Design for the Entertainment Industry
with Furio Tedeschi

Furio Tedeschi

2h 44m | 10 Chapters

Sci-Fi Fantasy Design and Illustration
with Yohann Schepacz

Yohann Schepacz

4h 22m | 10 Chapters

Realistic Dog Grooming for Production with Xgen
with Jordan Soler

Jordan Soler

3h 38m | 14 Chapters

Designing for Production in ZBrush
with Rafael Grassetti

Rafael Grassetti

2h 10m | 6 Chapters

Introduction to Houdini 17
with Robby Branham

Robby Branham

4h 40m | 25 Chapters

Complete Lighting in Unreal Engine
with Charleston Silverman

Charleston Silverman

1h 46m | 10 Chapters

Creating an Illustration from A to Z
with Pascal Blanché

Pascal Blanché

3h 50m | 7 Chapters

Creating 360° Concept Art for Production
with Nick Hiatt

Nick Hiatt

5h 20m | 12 Chapters

2D Fantasy Illustration
with Jana Schirmer

Jana Schirmer

2h 27m | 5 Chapters

Narrative Character Design
Creating Heroes with Ryan Meinerding

Ryan Meinerding

2h 23m | 5 Chapters

Vehicle Texturing in Substance Painter: From Clean to Mean
with James Schauf

James Schauf

9h 51m | 23 Chapters

Creating a Female Hairstyle for Production with Maya XGen
with Bruno Tornisielo

Bruno Tornisielo

3h 05m | 11 Chapters

Designing Sci-Fi Military Robotics
with Aaron Beck

Aaron Beck

3h 17m | 8 Chapters

Character Design and Sculpting for Concept
with Josh Herman

Josh Herman

3h 20m | 11 Chapters

Creative Creature Design
with Neville Page

Neville Page

3h 20m | 6 Chapters

Creating Assets for Games using Photogrammetry
with Guilherme Rambelli

Guilherme Rambelli

4h 31m | 15 Chapters

Narrative Design through Compositional Storytelling
with James Clyne

James Clyne

3h 06m | 10 Chapters

Robotic 3D Design for Entertainment
with Vitaly Bulgarov

Vitaly Bulgarov

3h 30m | 15 Chapters

Introduction to Visual Effects for Games in Unreal
with Jeremy Griffith

Jeremy Griffith

9h 22m | 21 Chapters

Vehicle Modeling for Production
with James Schauf

James Schauf

8h 01m | 19 Chapters

Hyper-realistic Insect Design
with Eric Keller

Eric Keller

7h 33m | 21 Chapters

Environment Art Lookdev Using Unreal & Photogrammetry
with Brian Recktenwald

Brian Recktenwald

2h 19m | 12 Chapters

Visual Development for Environments
with Olivier Dubard

Olivier Dubard

7h 32m | 13 Chapters

Texturing and Shading for Production
Maximizing Efficiency in Commercial / Feature Film Pipelines

Jesse Flores

7h 55m | 12 Chapters

Creating Key Art Illustration for Film and Games
with Alex Nice

Alex Nice

2h 05m | 5 Chapters

Practical Vehicle Design for Film and Television
with Matthew Savage

Matthew Savage

3h 40m | 8 Chapters

Cloth modeling pipeline with Marvelous designer
with Paul Liaw

Paul Liaw

9h 48m | 26 Chapters

Environment Creation for Film and Cinematics
with Olivier Dubard

Olivier Dubard

1h 51m | 10 Chapters

Multi Pass Rendering and Compositing
with Robby Branham

Robby Branham

4h 02m | 19 Chapters

Introduction to Arnold
Essential Tips and Production Workflow with Robert Chapman

Robert Chapman

6h 53m | 19 Chapters

Character Modeling for Production
Maximizing Your Workflow for Deadlines with Krystal Sae Eua

Krystal Sae Eua

4h 05m | 15 Chapters

TRex lookDev and lighting with Maya and Arnold
with Charles Chorein

Charles Chorein

3h 51m | 14 Chapters

Making Frankenstein's Monster
with Peter Zoppi

Peter Zoppi

5h 35m | 11 Chapters

Visual Development with Marc Gabbana Vol. 2
Digital Rendering - Finalizing the TribalBot

Marc Gabbana

3h 25m | 13 Chapters

Visual Development with Marc Gabbana Vol. 1
Vol. 1 Traditional Techniques - Conceptualizing the TribalBot

Marc Gabbana

2h 52m | 15 Chapters