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Paul Hatton

Paul Hatton

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Paul has widespread experience working in the 3D, tech, and creative industries. With a love of all things visual, from 3D to videography, Paul enjoys any tech that enables him to bring ideas to life.

  Jun 26, 2024

Blazing a path to success: Meet Wētā FX’s Ganesh Lakshmigandan

From watching Jurassic Park and learning AutoCAD as a teen, to art-directing visual effects for the world’s most prestigious movies and TV series, Ganesh Lakshmigandan discusses his career to date and shares tips for aspiring VFX artists....

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  Jun 05, 2024

Get to know the Art Director behind Bad Dinosaurs, Francesco Guarini

We talk to Francesco Guarini about his role on Netflix-favorite, Bad Dinosaurs, and learn how he made the leap from illustrator to a Director on one of Netflix's most-watched TV shows this year....

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  Mar 25, 2024

This AAA Game Character Artist Shares her Secrets to Creating 3D Clothing

We talk to Gnomon Workshop Instructor Erika Lochs about her love for Marvelous Designer and how a new-found passion for dressmaking has made her a better 3D character artist....

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